Our story begins in Capilla de Guadalupe, heart of the Altos de Jalisco, a town of enterprising people, who have a fervent love for their land and lives their values solidly.

It is here where a cooperative of farmers, with more than 50 years of experience in the cultivation and industrialization of Agave Azul Tequilana Weber, decided to join forces and in 2005 they founded IMAG, a 100% Mexican company.

Our identity is tied to our values, we nurture the welfare of our clients and more than 300 employees, we respect and value Mother Nature, the environment and our company.


IMAG has developed the most sophisticated supply chain to bring from our fields to your table, natural sweeteners and functional fibers with the highest safety standards, we are the only vertically integrated company since we control our processes from the cultivation of agave, in our more than 5 thousand hectares until the final product.

We have made strategic alliances with research centers and universities around the world to develop and integrate new products with high nutritional value and thus diversify our portfolio with new natural sweeteners such as stevia following the same business model.

Our standards are continuously improved and challenged, always seeking the highest quality in our products, people and processes, guaranteeing the best results by taking responsibility for our work. 

We currently export to different parts of the world, supporting our strategically located distribution centers.